She has nurtured some adults from their first live performance all the way through to paid gigs at music festivals. Alison has helped many students break into the professional market and even international success.  Alison’s students have been lead singers at elite venues including Lunar Park events, Sydney Opera House appearances, Music Festivals and cruise ships.


Alison has had many students receive offer and scholarships at competitive high schools and universities including WAPPA, AIM, McDonalds Performing Arts College and Newtown Performing Arts, and has continued support for these students during their studies.


In 3 separate years Alison’s young students were selected as featured soloists in the Ryde School Spectacular. She has had vast numbers of students cast in lead roles in musicals including Stage Arts, Manly Musical Society, school productions and many more.

cropedit headshot 181104_9571.jpg

Alison Murphy

SVS Director & Principal Vocal Coach

Vocal Technique Specialist

Alison is an accomplished singer and experienced vocal coach. Starting her professional career at a young age as a lead singer and session singer, her solo career has seen her perform at many large concerts including to a crowd of 30,000. Early on it became apparent that teaching is where her heart lies. Alison has already been teaching voice for over 14 years, and has had the privilege of helping many singers achieve their personal and professional goals. Her students regularly achieve an elite level of performance. This is proven by the many awards & titles held by a vast number of past and current clients.

Her students regularly compete at a high level with many titles to boast including professional and community awards. Coached Matt Quayle, Lead Singer of “Breaking Orbit”, who have had amazing international media reviews. Their album “The Time Traveller” saw them do three national tours including touring with Dead Letter Circus. They were even nominated in the Top 5 Rock artists at the 2012 MusicOz awards. She also coached Emma Louise while she was in Sydney preparing to record her album “Full Hearts and Empty Rooms” which had international success and a ‘Breakthrough Artist’ award at the 2011 National Independent Music Awards. Other wins include winning the Crestwood Idol twice with separate students, Won the Granny Smith Festival twice. A vast number of Eisteddfod wins including last year Jordyn Richards went in 5 events in the Ryde Eisteddfod and won 1st place in all 5 categories.


Alison's passion for vocal science has allowed her to research and develop a teaching framework that can be individualised to suit the needs of the modern singer and the individual needs of each student, and has a talent for helping prevent vocal injury and maintain healthy voicing. She has helped professional singers who were finding their voice was tiring after multiple gigs, who are now able to manage full National tours without vocal fatigue.


Alison enjoys working with varying ages and skill levels of clients and particularly enjoys being able to help singers with medical complications. Alison has struggled with significant health and medication difficulties but, with excellent management has avoided any vocal injury throughout her whole singing career.

Emma Waugh ~ Singing Teacher

Music Industry & Brand Specialist


Emma has been singing for the last 15 years, her performance experience includes singing at weddings, birthday parties and other functions. When she was younger she was even named Umina Idol after winning the central coast eisteddfod. Recently she even sang in the choir as a part of Wes Carr's performance of Feels Like Woah for the recording used for the Sunday Herald. Emma started as a student at Starfish Vocal Studio and her dedication has seen her excel. Emma has a passion and great exposure to all genres of music but excels in the Pop/ RnB / Soul world.

Emma has immense experience within the music industry. She has been performing since she was very young and has a flare for the behind the scenes work that enables our music stars to be successful both nationally and internationally. Emma has worked full time for major record labels Sony BMG and Warner Music for many years in their marketing department, and has worked along side some of Australias biggest artists. Her work has allowed her to understand all of the aspects that are needed to be successful in the current music market including whats required to land your dream record deal and what skills are needed. 



Tina Friede ~ Singing Teacher

International Performer


Tina is a very motivated and talented singer and has a very broad experience base. Tina fit into the Starfish team very quickly when she moved to Australia at the end of 2016.  She is originally from Czech, where she studied at the Prague Music Conservatory. Her mother is a musician, so Tina has been passionate about music for her whole life. She has been a music teacher at the Elementary Art School of Prague for the last 3 years, and been a regular performer for the Theatre F.X. Salda and National Theatre of Prague.

Tina started her music journey into professional contemporary singing with Starfish Vocal Studio, then in mid 2017 Tina was offered a 6 month performing contract based in Dubai, this was a wonderful opportunity where Tina gained valuable performance experience. We are pleased to have her back with us again. She has decided to further her knowledge and teaching skills even further and is now also studying a Bachelor of Contemporary Music at AIM and performing here in Australia.


Throughout her life she’s always had a passion for music. She began her singing journey at age 5 with Alison Murphy the principal vocal coach of Starfish Vocal Studio. She continues her musical journey by doing what she loves most; performing and creating her own original music and now joining the teaching team at Starfish Vocal Studio.   

Jordyn Richards is already a seasoned performer at an elite level and has even been awarded the Hunters Hill Young Citizen of the Year 2020. Some of her outstanding performances include a solo performance to over 50,000 people at the Circular Quay Australia Day Entertainment. Other notable performances include solo performances at the Sydney Opera House at 11 years old for the 2013 Ryde School Spectacular, and the 2019 Australian of the Year Awards entertainment, and Carols in the common 2017-19. She has won many singing and songwriting titles including Crestwood Idol, The Granny Smith Festival twice, Parravision, West Ryde Singing Star to name only a few, and many Eisteddfod category and championship wins.


Jordyn Richards ~ Singing Teacher

Singer songwriter